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Congratulations, it’s a bee (x10,000)!

April 11, 2010 1 comment

The blessed bundle of bouncing bees arrived this morning. After several false starts last night–the truckload of 1,000,000 bees was delayed by bad weather–I raced over to pick them up during a break in the rain. They were remarkably calm in their package.

There were five bees hanging on to the outside of the box. I didn’t particularly want them buzzing around while I was driving home, but, fearing they were part of a separated family, I let them stay. (They were extremely well behaved in the car.) Here’s my approach to proper bee safety:

The wind and rain kicked up right as we arrived home. I hastily (remember this adverb) suited up and rushed outside. I sprayed the bees with sugar water; pried the syrup can off the package; found the queen and, after swapping out the cork stopper for a mini marshmallow, attached her cage to a frame. It was then that I noticed a slight tickling sensation, edging slowly up my leg…This is the exact moment I had the terrible realization.
After freezing in horror for just a couple of seconds, I put the opened bee package in the bottom brood box, stacked the box with the frames and queen on top, and closed up the hive. Such presence of mind.
My “wardrobe malfunction” was the result of a small gap between my ankle and jeans+bee suit. The errant, pants-traveling bee (perhaps one of the five hangers-on) did me the kindness of not stinging. Whew.
Boardman feeder: 800 ml 1:1 sugar water (simple syrup!)